Winter NAMM 2014

This is the biggest music convention in the US. For retailers like myself, it is a chance to meet new potential vendors, buy some cool stuff, and get reacquainted with old friends.

The big news coming out of Anaheim:

1. Sax Dakota has new bare brass horns. They play well and if you are not bothered by the unlacquered brass this could be the horn for you.

2. Jody Jazz Jet mouthpieces for alto sax players. I purchased a #6 and am now playing it with a Fiberreed and a Theo Wanne enlightened ligature. Just awesome.

3. Hollywood Winds key clamps. An affordable option to add years of life to your pads.

4. Backun Musical Services now offers an affordable clarinet called the Alpha. Same great workmanship as their $10,000 clarinets but made out of synthetic material. “It’s not wood…and I LOVE it!” – EDDIE DANIELS

5. Regenerate Guitar Works basses and guitars are made here in the good ol’ USA in the state of Washington. They look great and play and sound even better. Go ask Bill Clements.

6. Our favorite ukulele is made by Moku Ukulele. We brought one home with us to show folks a great example of this instrument that is getting very popular these days,

7. Many people have been asking me whether we carry a harmonica. Well now we do!  We now carry Seydel harmonicas and blues harps that are made with Stainless Steel reeds.

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