SDA-SR-82 Alto Sax


Have you been playing saxophone for a long time? Just starting out? Are you a professional? Someone who plays in local groups, community bands, the occasional jam session at your favorite local spot?

Have you been searching for a certain sound that none of the brands that you have played could give you?

If you are thinking of purchasing a saxophone, you should consider this bare brass alto. If you yearn to play a horn that has the lustrous tone and resonance of yesterday’ but want the ergonomics of today’s precision crafted instruments,¬†then this is the alto from Sax Dakota could be for you.

I personally play a Martin Committee II circa 1939 for its lush tone. This horn combines lushness like my Martin, but with modern ergonomics. Grab your favorite mouthpiece, slap it on, and experience this remarkable sounding instrument.

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