Sax Dakota

When every detail is an expression of craftsmanship and skill…. Sax Dakota has it all. They offer the finest Alto and Tenor Saxophones available in the market today.

When performance influences design…Sax Dakota does it like no one else can. They go the limit with beauty, function and aesthetics. It will outperform like no other Sax you have played.

You can select from an assortment of body finishes that have raised the level of excellence in taste, lines, texture, recognition and luxury. They have elevated function and design to inspire every owner to higher levels of expectation.

These exceptional saxophones are absolutely loaded with every advanced feature a player could ask for!


Model Number       Description                                                          OUR Price

Alto Sax

SDA-1000 This superb model saxophone is designed for any pro player looking for an Alto that meets his or her every need. Its extra large 5.32” graduated bell design with 77% Copper content brass alloy plus our thin “low profile” pads custom fitted into every key cup guaranteeing outstanding resonance, intonation & timbre makes this model a must for any professional player! SOLD $1,800.00 Sax Dakota SDA-1000

Soprano Sax


SDSS-1024 This “Retro” one-piece tube Straight Soprano design was conceived decades ago as the only ‘real’ Soprano Saxophone built in the world. No turbulence, no steps in the tube & no collar screws. Only pure tonality, solid/focused projection with perfect intonation in all registers. Using an original post-to-body design, Sax Dakota has captured the essence of how a Soprano Sax should sound.Read Zdany Chisholm’s review:

Tenor Sax

SDT-1200 Tenor sax Artists will love the action of the left hand pinky plateau table. It is smooth, solid and fast. Sleek double key arms coupled with solid stainless steel rods guarantee instant pad closure action. Its exclusive 6.26” graduated large bell design will carry every note to every listener! SOLD $1900.00 DSC01168