John Packer Ltd. Musical Instruments

John Packer are international designers, manufacturers and suppliers of high quality woodwind and brass musical instruments.

Their instruments have a strong reputation among the top players for their innovative design enhancements which, combined with precision crafting, result in instruments that are great to look at and even better to play.



JP042 Series Tenor Saxophone – “…quite frankly, blows all the other intermediate instruments clean out of the water. ” – Pete Long – professional musician.


JP045 Series Alto Saxophone – video clip & review


JP051 Bb Trumpet

We challenge anyone to find a sweeter horn with a manufacturers retail price is $499.99. These horns compare favorably with any student/intermediate horn manufactured today.


JP171SW CornetSOLD

“I think it’s a fantastic buy. It’s great that beginners will be able to play such a high quality instrument at an affordable price. In my opinion, the instrument is good enough to take a student right through from novice to professional level. A thumbs up all round!”

Chris Deacon – Trumpet – Royal Ballet Symphonia – more reviews here


JP221 Bb Clarinet


JP011 Flute


JP373 Baritone Horn – “Professional performance at a student price”

This compensating baritone has once again raised the bar. Made in the same factory alongside the RATH trombones, Paul Riggett from Sterling has overseen the design of this instrument using many of the techniques that he has perfected for his own range of professional Sterling instruments.