Eddie Berg – Generations From The Heart

Eddie Berg’s latest cd titled Generations From The Heart is that rare album that begs for good weather to come so you can listen to it in the car blasting with the windows rolled down. I have been listening to this enjoyable cd since Ed sent it to me the […]

New York Summer Music Festival

Are you a music teacher with students ages 11 – 25? Or are you a parent who has a child who loves playing music? If the answer is YES, than this summer music camp is a wonderful place to continue growing musically and have a great time. The young musician […]

Introducing JazzDeck & ReedJuvinate

I have found two new products that I would like to share with you. The first one, JazzDeck, is an amazing deck of cards created by Brian Switzer, that helps all of us (myself included) improvise better. This seemingly simple deck of cards will help you start sounding like a pro. […]